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Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown is applied one time at 0.5 gallons/acre after harvest.

  • Apply the product when soil temperatures are at or above 50 degrees for maximum benefit.​

  • Total foliar spray volume should be at least 15 gallons per acre​

  • There are no re-entry restrictions associated with Holganix Bio 800 Breakdown when applied without pesticides​

  • Clogging isn't a problem, however, clogging can occasionally occur with precision in-row planting equipment and small (100 mesh screens). If concerned, the product may be filtered through the filter sock provided with each tote.​

  • Holganix Bio 800+ products can be stored at ambient temperatures, and out of direct sunlight for up to two weeks without product degradation. The product should be refrigerated for long-term storage. Long-term refrigeration storage is provided for customers that meet purchasing minimums.

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