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Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture may be mixed with most crop chemicals and fertilizers. If possible, avoid tank mixing Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture with fungicides. Before adding Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture to the tank, mix the product by swirling the jug or mixing in the tote to get the sediment into suspension (sediment is mostly humic acid). Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture may be added to the tank in any order, but preferably it is added toward the end of the tank fill.

University studies have shown that Glyphosate, 2,4-D, and Dicamba uptake is increased when tank-mixing with Holganix Bio 800+. This increased uptake is not observed with other herbicides. While turf professionals using our products choose to reduce their use of herbicides with the product, Holganix is not recommending reductions for agriculture use. Instead, growers can expect better weed control especially in resistant and hard to control weed species. 


Once the grower dilutes Holganix Bio 800+  into a spray tank, the shelf-life timer starts over again. Shelf life in the tank, depending on the dilution, can be up to 30 days. However, if the mixture sits in a warm tank for a long period of time, the microbes will grow and may clog fine mesh screens and tips with small openings.


Growers are still able to put the product down, but they may need to clean screens more frequently. Regardless, Holganix always recommends a 20 mesh screen or larger whenever present. To avoid clogging, use a filter sock prior to use.

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